BNE Live

A collection of live music recordings I've made in and around Brisbane, AUS - Free for your enjoyment

Almost twenty years ago I was introduced to the live music taping community through my love of the band Linkin Park. I'd spend hours on dial up internet collecting and swapping recordings of shows with other fans all around the world. I gained so much enjoyment from these recordings that I wanted to give back to the taping community and the fans, so in 2010 I launched BNE Live. It ran sucessfully for three years, with tens of thousands of downloads, artist recognition and even national radio play before I decided to shut the project down and called it a day.

Sadly on the 20th of July 2017 the lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington passed away. While I'm still grieving the loss of Chester, his death brought back so many memories of those early days trading recordings, contributing to and engaging in such a wonderful community. These memories reminded me of why I started BNE Live in the first place and after looking at the old website I realised the majority of the download links are all down now. I've decided to relaunch BNE Live and upload all the recordings I've made in the hopes that other fans of live music can share some of the joy I have experienced over the years listening to recordings just like these.

This one is for you Chester.


All my recordings are posted here for free and are solely for fan enjoyment - I make no profit from this project and all costs are paid out of my own pocket. Every effort is made to gain permission prior to recording, in the event you are an artist or label requring a recording to be removed please use the contact methods in the side bar.

All recordings are posted in CBR 320 MP3 format. Recording quality varies with each recording for various reasons including gear used, recording position, weather, crowd noise et cetera.

Recordings are posted in chronological order in YYYYMMDD format.